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Scalia denies Supreme feud

As leaked reports of bad blood among the justices of the Supreme Court in the aftermath of the health care ruling continue to swirl in the media, Justice Antonin Scalia said they are not to be believed.

“You should not believe what you read about the Court in the newspapers,” Scalia told CNN’s Piers Morgan in an interview that aired Wednesday night, “because the information has either been made up or given to the newspapers by somebody who is violating a confidence, which means that person is not reliable.”

“I haven’t had a falling out with Justice Roberts,” Scalia reiterated.

“Loud words exchanged?” Morgan pressed. “Slamming of door?”

“No, no,” Scalia responded. “Nothing like that.”

Scalia appeared in the interview with Bryan Garner to promote their new book, “Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts.” More here from CNN.com.

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