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Is Roberts the author of the decision of the year?

As the nation awaits tomorrow’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the federal health care law, a new pastime has emerged: predicting which justice will author the landmark opinion.

And among the legal experts, Supreme Court junkies and internet chatterers, there appears to be a consensus of opinion: the landmark case’s author is likely Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.

That speculation is based on many factors, from the number of cases other justices have already authored, to the fact that Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy appeared to hold the deciding votes in the case  during oral arguments in March. Since Kennedy wrote the Arizona immigration case released by the Court Monday, Roberts likely penned the other of this week’s major bombshell opinions.

Robert Barnes of the Washington Post has more on the unusually high level of attention the Court is getting in anticipation of the ruling. For other Supreme Court news and analysis – including the potential impact of the Court’s ruling in the Arizona case, check out the Supreme Court Report on Lawyers USA.

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