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Romney’s SCOTUS wish list?

Is GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney already assembling a list of Supreme Court nominee prospects?

We don’ know. But lawyers and conservatives are tossing around names of people they’d like to see the former Massachusetts governor consider should he be elected president in November – and should a vacancy arise on the bench, according to Reuters’ David Ingram.

At the top of conservatives’ wish list is former Solicitor General Paul Clement, now a partner at Bancroft where he is handling blockbuster cases such as the challenge to the health care law and GOP lawmakers’ defense of the Defense of Marriage Act.

“He’s the type of person who fits the mold that the governor has pledged to look for,” said Mary Ann Glendon, a co-chairwoman of Romney’s Justice Advisory Committee, who stressed that “it’s much too soon to speculate about names.”

Other names on the GOP’s reported dream list are D.C. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh, 7th Circuit judge Diane Sykes, 8th Circuit Judge Steven Colloton, 10th Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch, and 6th Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton – though Sutton famously voted to uphold the federal health care law, which Romney opposes.

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