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Sotomayor hears a case – on Sesame Street

I seems that a Supreme Court justice is always on duty, even when she is just trying to have a simple cup of coffee with a friend on her day off.

Such was the case when Justice Sonia Sotomayor visited Sesame Street recently and found herself presiding over the case of Bear v. Goldilocks. Good thing Sotomayor always has her judicial robe handy.

Sotomayor rendered a speedy resolution of the case – even if she totally disregarded the fact that the crime of breaking and entering had occured – and all parties were satisfied.

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  1. I believe Justice has found a niche equall to her ability & skills. PBS appears to be the mouthpiece of the Obama takers and it should be noted that PBS can operate without taxpayer entitle monies as it serves the President. Notwithstanding PBS shortcomings, I am happy it found a place where the Justice is qualified. Most pro-American senators qwuestioned correctly assessed her values. The majority on that body lack American values and consitute a clear and present danger to the Consitution when activist people are given a position to advance marxist ideas. Justice Sotomayer is qualified to preside over Sesame street disputes. The senior female jurist, following the path of the Late Justice William Douglas got lost in Egypt with her failure to support the Constitution as drafted by Thos. Jefferson. Some historicans opine Justice Douglas was a pot user but the Ombama appointees clearly prersent a case you can destroy the Constitution as intended without smmoking pot. I am happy Justice Stevens is wriuting books now.

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