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Sotomayor heads to the islands

The U.S. Supreme Court’s winter recess has given Justice Sonia Sotomayor the opportunity to tour some of the country’s island territories.

Fresh from a trip to Guam, which caused her to miss the president’s State of the Union address last week, Sotomayor landed in Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands over the weekend. Sotomayor is attending legal conferences sponsored by the Guam Bar Association and the Northern Mariana Islands Bar Association.

According to the Saipan Tribune, Sotomayor, whose family hails from Puerto Rico, said she felt a connection to the island communities.

“There’s still peace here,” she said yesterday at a press briefing  at the courthouse of the U.S. District Court for the NMI . “It is wonderful to see islands unlike the ones I am accustomed to, even my own island, Puerto Rico, that are very, very developed and don’t maintain completely their island identity, but that’s not true here.”

During her trip, Sotomayor met with bar association and judicial officials and helped judge a mock trial competition.

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