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A dozen arrested at Supreme Court protest

Yet another protest at the U.S. Supreme Court resulted in several arrests Friday after a group protesting the two-year anniversary of the Court’s Citizens United ruling broke down a police barricade and ran up the Court’s marble staircase.

The protest was part of a nationwide “Occupy the Courts” effort targeting courthouses across the country.

At the Supreme Court, protesters initially gathered in a park across the street from the building since police had erected a barricade blocking the Court’s steps and plaza. It is against the law to protest on the stairs or plaza in front of the Court, but protesters are often seen on the public sidewalk in front of the stairs.

But at some point protesters broke through the barricade, charging up the stairs, where they remained for roughly an hour, some shouting, “We are the 99 percent,” others hurling expletives and many recording events with cell phones and broadcasting them on live streaming internet sites. After some shoving ensured, police made several arrests. In all 11 people were arrested outside of the building and one inside.

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