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Kagan: Justices do lunch, not email

Nowadays it seems that most people communicate with colleagues by firing off missives using Blackberrys, iPhones or other handheld devices. And if they really want to take the old school route, they will write an email on an actual computer.

But not at the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to Justice Elena Kagan, the justices prefer their exchanges to be conducted through hand-delivered memos, the Associated Press reports. The newest justice, speaking at a National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges  event in Tampa, said the justices “ignore 25 years of technology” with their preferred communication method.

“The justices do not e-mail each other,” Kagan said. “The clerks e-mail each other, but the justices do not.”

But the justices do something many other coworkers don’t, Kagan said: speak to each other in person often.

“We actually all like each other very much,” Kagan said. “We eat lunch together and there are some very strong friendships among us…. I’m having a great time. I have no complaints about this job.”

HT: ABA Journal

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