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Justice Souter is no Meryl Streep

Photo by Matthew Hutchins of the Harvard Law Record

Most of us have sent notes to out alma maters catching our classmates up on the things we’ve been up to since graduation. And guess what – retired Supreme Court justices do too.

Retired Justice David Souter caught his Harvard classmates up by writing a note in the school’s fiftieth-reunion class report, according to Harvard Magazine, beginning his statement with: “I retired when the Supreme Court rose for the summer recess in 2009, and a couple of weeks later I drove north from Washington [to New Hampshire] with no regrets about the prior 19 years or about the decision to try living a more normal life for whatever time might remain.”

As for his legacy on the Court, Souter wrote: “While the quality of the workmanship may be pronounced good, bad, or indifferent…, I realized long before I submitted my resignation that whatever the verdict might turn out to be, I was the luckiest guy in the world.”

Souter also recounted a brush with Hollywood royalty last year when he received an honorary degree from Harvard.

“Not only did Harvard generously award me an honorary doctorate, but it gave me the great pleasure of spending a little time with a fellow degree recipient, Meryl Streep,” Souter wrote. “She happened to be somewhat ahead of me in the cohort of honorands processing into the New Yard between rows of regular degree candidates, and we were just about at the corner of Widener when one senior boy reluctantly took his eyes off the eminent actress and noticed me. He smiled with diminished voltage as he said, ‘You’re no Meryl Streep.’”

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