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Perry nomination would galvanize trial lawyers against him

Is a potential Rick Perry presidential victory trial lawyers’ worst nightmare?

Pretty close to it, according to a Politico piece that predicts a Perry GOP presidential nomination will send trial lawyers’ campaign donations flowing to oppose the Texas governor.

That’s because Perry is a staunch tort reform supporter, backing a number of Texas measures that cap damages and impose court costs on losing plaintiffs.

“If this guy emerges, if he’s a serious candidate, if he doesn’t blow up in the next couple weeks, it’s going to motivate many in the plaintiffs’ bar to dig deeper to support President Obama,” Sean Coffey, a former securities litigator, told Politico. “That will end up driving a lot of money to the Democratic side.”

Perry is reportedly ready for the fight. His spokesman said the campaign was fully prepared to fight trial attorneys on a national level, adding that plaintiffs’ lawyers “feed off the system” and inhibit job creation.

More here from Politico.

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