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Quoted: Breyer on confirmation process (access required)

"Asking that is like looking at a dish of chicken à la king and asking the chicken for its perspective! It is stressful - 17 senators who can ask whatever they want on one side of the table and me on the other, 10-15 million people watching on television. Luckily I was very boring and ...

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  1. I guess my first comment got lost, so I’ll try it again S.A.M.(Stopping American Madness), like said before the stress of being considered for Justice opening on the United States Supreme Court comes with the territory, but the opportunity to do so if you just happen to be a women or a member of racial minority that opportunity is diminished racist and sexist!-Born to do battle, drafted at birth.a.k.a.Warrior Breed!-Michael E. McKinzy, Sr.-04-15-2011

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