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Thomas lashes out at critics (access required)

Justice Clarence Thomas may have reached a silent milestone on Supreme Court the bench law week, but the justice was quite vocal during a speaking engagement Saturday, lashing out at critics who question his impartiality and warning that the Constitution - and the country - are being threatened. Politico obtained a recording of Thomas speaking at ...

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  1. Justice Thomas is probably the worst Justice we have had during the last three decades. His ideas of what the Constitution stands for seem to adhere closely to what his friends the Koch brothers would most likely advocate. Make the rich richer at the expense of the middle class and the poor. Appoint a pro-business President rather than redo a messed-up statewide election. Corporations are like people, so let them give as much money as they can to political campaigns. And so on. He is one of the folks who are trashing America.

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