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Scalia loves his gadgets

Justice Antonin Scalia may not fully understand how text messaging works, but that doesn’t mean he’s not hip to the latest gadgets.

In fact, during a recent Federalist Society event, Scalia told the audience that he has both an iPod and an iPad – and that he’s hooked on them.

The Supreme Court’s most senior associate justice is not exactly using a quill to draft his opinions, either. He told the crowd that he does so much work on his computer that he “can hardly write in longhand anymore,” according to the Associated Press.

Scalia’s iPod is filled with classical music – which he uploaded all by himself, he said. The iPad comes in handy too, Scalia said, allowing him to read hefty legal briefs in electronic form instead of having to “schlep the briefs around.”

“It’s a brave new world,” Scalia said.

But his embrace of electronic media only goes so far. When it comes to television cameras, it stops at the courthouse doors.

Allowing Supreme Court proceedings to be televised would lead to broadcast outlets using snippets and sound bites that distort the process, he said.

“Familiarity breeds contempt,” Scalia explained. “The fact that the court is somewhat removed is a good thing.”

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