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DeFazio: ‘I’m investigating articles of impeachment against Roberts’ (access required)

Rep. Peter DeFazio is still hopping mad over the Supreme Court's decision last term in Citizens United v. FEC - so mad, that the Oregon Democrat is floating the idea of trying to take Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.'s job away. Fazio told the Huffington Post that the 5-4 opinion lifting certain campaign spending caps ...


  1. Without implying agreement or disagreement, the Congressman would do better to try for a Constitutional amendment rather than to impeach a justice who voted in a way that he didn’t like. Where would it end? Impeach Souter for that crazy Kelo eminent domain decision?

    Corporations are clearly not people entitled to individual rights. However, corporate money is a check against union power, and a check against the Congressional tendency to buy votes from the masses.

    And such are the problems of democracy. “Let the people decide” sounds good, but it only works with an educated electorate that is not swayed by normal human greed. We do not have that; we have TV sound bites and a welfare mentality instead.

    It is hard to ponder democracy when people think of themselves as members of a group rather than as individuals. Thus, the countervaling power of corporate money seems inevitable.

    M. Agranoff, Ellington, CT

  2. What a joke. This guy deserves the “stupidest representative of the year award”, which is saying something with that group. Why do you print articles like this?

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