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Sessions to GOP senators: Kagan is ‘dangerous’ (access required)

As a fourth GOP senator expressed an intent to vote for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan when her nomination reaches the Senate floor next week, the Judiciary Committee's top Republican is stepping up his criticism of Kagan - calling her a "dangerous" nominee and warning lawmakers that voters may punish them if they support her. "I'm ...


  1. I find Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be far more dangerous than Elena Kagan. I didn’t hear any cry against “judicial activism” when the Republican Justices on the Supreme Court issued it’s decision in Citizens United which will allow foreign corporations such as BP to spend unlimited money on U.S. elections.

  2. Well, I guess to be warning about what a new United States Supreme Court Justice might do, after she is appointed to the United States Supreme Court is like you trying to purchase hurricane insurance after the Hurricane Katrina, too little too late!-Born to do battle, drafted at birth!-Michael E. McKinzy, Sr.-07-30-2010

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