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Leahy decries GOP ‘double standard’ on Kagan

Yesterday on the Senate floor, Sen. Patrick Leahy blasted Republicans for their criticism of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, saying the GOP lawmakers are applying a double standard.

Several GOP lawmakers have voice concerns over Kagan’s lack of judicial experience. The solicitor general has never served as a judge.

Such criticism, Leahy said, “ignore[s] Senate Republicans’ own recent statements praising President Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers for being someone who had not served a judge, calling her a ‘wonderful choice’ who would ‘fill very important gaps in the Supreme Court,'” Leahy said, referring to the former White House counsel to President Bush. “Now that a Democratic President is nominating, they reverse themselves to contend that lack of judicial experience is a matter for ‘concern,’ is ‘troubling,’ and a matter that ‘warrants great scrutiny.’ …Republicans should not apply a double standard to the nomination of this qualified woman.”

Leahy added that, but for Republican opposition, Kagan would have judicial experience.

” President Clinton nominated her to the D.C. Circuit in 1999 and it was Senate Republicans who refused to consider her nomination,” Leahy said.  “Had they done so she would have more than 10 years of judicial experience.”

Kagan’s confirmation hearing is set to begin June 28.

Here is Leahy’s floor statement.

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  1. If the truth be told in America there’s a Multi-Standard, black and rich, white and poor; pro se litigants, retained lawyers; famous celebrity, unknown poet; and the list goes on, but the only time we truely are considered all Americans is in the World’s eye as those Double-Standard Americans!-Michael E. McKinzy, Sr.-Born to do battle, drafted at birth!-05-26-2010

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