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Monday status conference: Document dumps, delays, and decisions!

Remember way back when Elena Kagan was first nominated to the Supreme Court? And folks were saying that, because she is not a former judge, she wouldn’t have much of a paper trail?

Well, it looks like that may not be true.

The Clinton presidential library (Kagan previously worked in the Clinton administration) has identified about 168,000 pages of documents that may be of interest to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Will committee members have enough time to wade through that documentation before Kagan’s confirmation hearings are scheduled to begin on June 28? The committee’s ranking member, Sen. Jeff Sessions, doesn’t think so. He’s calling for a delay, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire.

But wait, there’s more! Perhaps the record won’t be that voluminous after all. Former President Clinton could object to the release of the some the documents, citing executive confidentiality.

Meanwhile, this morning the current justices of the Supreme Court will get back to doing what they do: releasing orders and opinions. Check back here for any newsworthy developments.


Open up: As part of a Food and Drug Administration initiative to help consumers, stakeholders and others understand how the agency operates and makes decisions, a task force has unveiled 21 draft transparency proposals for public comment. (Lawyers USA)

The lawyer’s lawmaker: Sen. Arlen Specter’s election defeat marks the end of a 30-year career for the longtime member of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee who often pressed for progress on issues important to lawyers. (Lawyers USA)

New deputy in town: James Cole is President Obama’s nominee for deputy attorney general. (ABA Journal, Washington Post)

When to end a sentence? The U.S. Sentencing Commission will hear testimony on issues including mandatory minimum sentences at its scheduled hearing this week. (BLT Blog)

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