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Republicans ramp up Kagan criticism

And here we go!

After making nice for about 24 hours after President Obama announced the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, Republicans grew much more vocal in their criticisms of the nominee yesterday.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, ranking member on the Judiciary Committee,  told reporters yesterday that Kagan “has thin experience, has had some very aggressive political views in her life.”

Among those views, GOP senators said, is Kagan’s opposition to military recruiters when she was dean of Harvard Law School. Kagan said she believed the military’s “Don’t as, don’t tell” policy violated the school’s nondiscrimination pact.

“It’s going to be critical that whoever puts on the robe of the Supreme Court justice, that they be committed to following the law, even if they don’t like it, even if they wish it had been different,” Sessions said.

Sessions said senators must carefully scrutinize Kagan’s record before voting on the nominee. But Sen. Jim Inhofe isn’t even waiting that long – he’s already stated his opposition to Kagan.

“If I don’t believe that someone’s qualified for a lower-level position, then how could they be qualified for the Supreme Court?” Inhofe said, referencing his ‘no’ vote on Kagan’s confirmation as solicitor general last year.

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  1. Life is such that to get change, you must make change, this is what President Obama has endeavored to do in the Unite States Supreme Court, change the way American citizens receive Justice in this Country, by making sure that “JUSTICE FOR ALL” ring true for all Americans!-Michael E. McKinzy, Sr.-Born to do battle, drafted at birth!-05-12-2010

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