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Monday Status Conference: Closing arguments

This week the U.S. Supreme Court hears the last oral arguments of October Term 2009. The justices will hear cases concerning employment arbitration contracts, ERISA attorney fees, genetically engineered crops and the privacy of names on ballot petitions.

Meanwhile as the White House and members of Congress focus on financial industry reform, a new law in Arizona is refueling the debate over immigration – an issue that may soon get pushed top of the Obama administration‘s agenda.


Risky business? The risk of abuses in arbitration of consumer debt collection that led to the downfall of the National Arbitration Forum and an agreement by four major banks to cease enforcement of mandatory arbitration provisions in debt collection has not gone away, according to a report issued by the National Consumer Law Center. (Lawyers USA)

Counsel contempt: Former Bush special counsel Scott Block has been charged with contempt for withholding information from Congress. (Reuters)

Sensitive Supreme: The White House is looking for a Supreme Court nominee who is sensitive to “ordinary Americans.” (Washington Post)

SCOTUS point man: You want to learn more about the man at the White House in charge of the search for the next justice? (AP)

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