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Supreme Court revamps website

Supreme Court junkies know that finding information on the high court’s website hasn’t always been easy. Information about the Court’s decisions, docket and calendar was buried inside pages that were not very easy to navigate.

Justices' conference room

Justices' conference room

All that has changed with a new revamp of the Court’s website in an effort to make it more user friendly. Now web surfers can find the Court’s most recent opinions, its calendar, docket and links to merit briefs, oral arguments transcripts and other information right from the main page. The page also features rotating photos of the famous building, including shots of rarely-seem views like the justices’ conference room and the vantage point from the counsel’s podium in the courtroom.

There are also new features, such as enhanced search capabilities, an interactive argument calendar, improved graphics, and additional historic information.

The web address is even different – instead of www.supremecourtus.gov, it’s a simpler www.supremecourt.gov (although the old URL will redirect you where you want to go).

The changes come as the Court begins in-house hosting of the site for the first time. Hosting services had previously been provided by the Government Printing Office for the last decade.

According to the Court’s Public Information Office, new and expanded features will continue to be added over time.


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