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Friday morning docket: Still dissecting the dustup

While folks are still dissecting the POTUS-SCOTUS incident during the State of the Union address, let’s take a glance at some other Washington legal news:

Bankruptcy boost: A bill that would increase the number of federal bankruptcy judges to handle the recent surge of personal and corporate bankruptcies has advanced in the House. (Lawyers USA)

Beyond Ledbetter: Lawmakers marking the one-year anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act being signed by President Barack Obama said more work needs to be done – and urged passage of another law that would further boost worker protections. (Lawyers USA)

High Court to take on airport privacy? Will the Supreme Court tackle the issue of those controversial full-body scanners at the nation’s airports? (UPI)

Change of venue? The Justice Department, facing mounting pressure from New York politicians, is exploring contingency sites for the trial of alleged terrorist conspirators. (New York Times)

Reunited, and equal: Descendants of the parties in Plessy v. Ferguson reunited for a discussion about that case in Topeka.

Haliburton asks SCOTUS to drop case: Halliburton Co. is asking the Supreme Court to block a Texas woman’s lawsuit alleging she was raped by military contractor co-workers in Iraq. (ABC News)

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