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Monday status conference: …Not even a mouse

Congress is out, as is the Supreme Court, and the first family is in Hawaii, so expect things to be relatively quiet here in Washington this week. But we still have some legal news updates to start off your week:

Red flag filings: The Federal Trade Commission and the American Bar Association have agreed to dismiss the remaining counts of the lawsuit the ABA brought to stop the agency from enforcing its “red flags” anti-data theft regulations against lawyers. (Lawyers USA)

Med-mal reform profit? State-level tort reform efforts have resulted in a boost in profit for insurance companies, according to a study by the nation’s largest trial lawyers group. (Lawyers USA)

Extended COBRA: The defense spending measure signed into law by President Barack Obama includes an amendment that extends federal health care benefits for the unemployed that was part of the economic stimulus package passed earlier this year. (Lawyers USA)

SCOTUS first: the Supreme Court has, apparently for the first time ever, asked a state solicitor general to file a brief expressing the state’s views on a law involving court-appointed counsel in family law cases. (SCOTUSblog)

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