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AAJ gives Senate goers some subway reading

As the Senate debates the health care bill this month, many commuters coming to and from Capitol Hill will know just where the country’s largest trial attorney group stands on the issue of medical malpractice tort reform.

The American Association for Justice has bought every inch of ad space inside the busy Union Station Metro station during the month of December. The ads, which are going up today, state that up to 98,000 patients die each year from medical errors, and urges commuters to contact members of the Senate to oppose tort reform measures in the health care bill.

“Tort law changes won’t fix health care,” states one of the bright blue, yellow and white ads that will be seen in the halls, on the platforms and on the light boxes of the Metro station all month. The ads also feature the website for AAJ’s campaign: 98000reasons.org.

Currently, the Senate version of the health care bill does not contain any federal-level medical malpractice reform, but it does call for federal funding for state-level tort reform test projects. Some opponents of the bill have called for tort reform measures to be included as a way to cut costs, but AAJ and other tort reform opponents say the savings will be negligible compared to the potential cost to patients.

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