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Gov’t study boosts Chinese drywall claims

In a report that is sure to buoy the ongoing class action suits of homeowners claiming property damage and illness from drywall imported from China, A new federal study has found a “strong association” between the material and high levels of hydrogen sulfide.

The plaintiffs claim that the material not only caused their homes to literally corrode from the inside out, they also allege that noxious fumes emitted from the drywall made them sick.

“Hydrogen sulfide gas is the essential component that causes copper and silver sulfide corrosion found in the complaint homes,” said a statement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission on the study. “In ways still to be determined, hydrogen sulfide gas is being created in homes built with Chinese drywall … While drywall-related corrosion is clearly evident, long term safety effects are still under investigation.”

Many homeowners have joined major class action lawsuits alleging property damage and physical injuries. Hundreds of other lawsuits against builders, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers are also pending.

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