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Monday status conference: Abbreviated version

Lawmakers in Washington voted this weekend to move the health care debate forward, but came no closer to a consensus on what a final package will look like before heading to their home districts this Thanksgiving week. Things will be generally quiet around these parts for the next few days, but here’s a little news to kick off the week.

Online violators: Probation officers aren’t as plentiful or tech-savvy as sex offenders who are tracking children via cell phones, portable gaming systems and social networking sites. (Washington Post)

Writing’s on the drywall: A new bill filed in the House would prevent insurance companies from cancelling or failing to renew homeowners’ policies as a result of defective Chinese drywall in their homes. (Lawyers USA)

Employers, meet GINA: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission began enforcement of Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act this past weekend. (Lawyers USA)

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