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WSJ: Kennedy rep asked other school for pre-pub ok

Justice Anthony Kennedy – in expressing his disappointment with a New York Times piece claiming the justice required pre-publication approval of student news accounts of his speech – told the Wall Street Journal: “The fact that you have something of a gotcha doesn’t mean you have to run with a story. There’s almost an urge to run with a story before you find out that it doesn’t have any legs.”

Well, apparently the Journal‘s Jess Bravin found those legs and is running on them.

Just as the dust was starting to clear over the flap following the coverage of Kennedy’s speech at New York’s Dalton School, Bravin reports that George Washington University Law School officials said their students were also asked to clear quotes from the justice’s speech at the school with the Supreme Court’s Public Information Office.

One GW student covering the talk said he had no choice but to abide by the request. It was “a big event for us, and you have to play by their rules,” he said.

Kennedy said he didn’t know about the request. The Public Information Office confirmed the pre-approval request with the Journal, and said it was made at request of member of Kennedy’s staff.

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