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Obama to Senate: Got any bright (judicial nomination) ideas?

The Obama administration has been struggling to get judicial nominations confirmed by Congress in a timely manner. So White House officials are reportedly taking a new approach: asking the confirmers for suggestions.

White House officials are approaching Senate Democrats, asking them to suggest judicial nominees who they would get behind – and who they could persuade Senate Republicans to back as well, according to Roll Call.

The move is designed to stop the logjam of judicial confirmations. So far Obama has had only four federal district judge picks confirmed, and today David Hamilton, nominee for the 7th Circuit, is expected to become only the third Obama federal appellate judge nominee confirmed. Meanwhile, more than a dozen judicial and executive nominations remain tied up in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Part of the holdup, of course, was the fact that the White House and Judiciary Committee spent much of the spring ad summer focused on filling a Supreme Court vacancy.

But GOP lawmakers say they are not to blame for the slow pace, denying they are blocking Obama’s nominees. “I am telling you, this is a myth. This is not obstruction,” Judiciary ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions said.

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