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Monday status conference: Monday morning quarterbacking

The Justice Department snapped the ball Friday, but lawmakers are still sounding off over the Obama administration’s decision to bring suspected Sept. 11 terrorists to trial in a New York civilian federal court. While some GOP officials blasted the move, saying it would create logistical nightmares and give terrorists a platform to spew propaganda, Democrats including Senate Judiciary Committee Patrick Leahy defended the move. More from The Washington Post.

President Obama is in Asia, where his busy agenda includes a chat with Chinese officials about defective Chinese drywall, which has led to a host of headaches and lawsuits over claims that the imported product caused damage and noxious fumes in thousands of U.S. homes.

And the U.S. Supreme Court could add some cases to its docket today. Oral arguments resume Nov. 30.


Judiciary slow to change: President Obama has nominated far fewer federal judges than President Bush did in his first 10 months in office, making the prospect of swift change in the federal judiciary seem dimmer by the day. (The New York Times)

Ricci firefighters seek promotions:  seek The New Haven firefighters who sued the city for discrimination in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court filed a draft order in federal court Friday asking for most of them to be promoted. (Yale Daily News)

Porteous files suit: A Louisiana federal judge sued a House impeachment task force Friday, contending the panel is making the case for his ouster by using testimony he gave under a promise of immunity. (AP; More, including complaint and other filings, here from How Appealing)

More snags ahead on health care reform: Immigration looms as sticking point in health-care legislation. (Washington Post)

From Congress to prison: Former Rep. William Jefferson was to 13 years in federal prison for public corruption. (The BLT)

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