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She works hard for the Circuits

The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court are a hardworking bunch, particularly since Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. altered the oral argument schedule last year to hold more afternoon argument sessions at the start of the term. This week the Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in five cases.

But there is one High Court retiree who is working even harder: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

The SCOTUS alumnus is serving as a visiting 6th Circuit Court of Appeals judge this week, and is scheduled to hear arguments in nine cases.

And while the Supremes take a break from oral arguments next week, O’Connor will still be on the job. She heads out west to sit with the judges on the 9th Circuit.

Oh, and if you are a lawyer scheduled to argue before her, don’t think the justice is getting soft in retirement. O’Connor made clear that she is going to challenge attorneys before her with tough questions, according to The Kentucky Post.

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