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Scalia loves Mona Lisa (no, not that one)

For more than a year now, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been on the talk circuit promoting his book on appellate advocacy. And just when we thought we had learned all there was to know about the jurist from his past speeches, he drops an interesting nugget of information – like his favorite film.

“My Cousin Vinny,” Scalia told the crowd at a book-signing junket in the D.C.-area earlier this week. “I can watch that over and over again.”

DC Dicta would give anything to hear the justice say the line: “What is a yute?” But Scalia said one of his favorite things about the movie was Mona Lisa Vito – the character played by Marisa Tomei. “God, she’s a killer,” the justice said.

More here from Politico.

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