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Monday status conference: Vacation, all I ever wanted

President Obama has taken the first family to Martha’s Vineyard for their first official full vacation of his administration, but it’s not going to be all smooth sailing – and not just because of the waves caused by Hurricane Bill.

Critics of the president’s health care proposal plan to air television ads in Massachusetts during the president’s visit, and antiwar protester Cindy Sheehan also plans to take her campaign to the president’s vacation place.

Meanwhile lawmakers continue to spend their time away from Washington trying to put together a more streamlined plan – that may or may not include a public option. Sounds like a restful vacation for all!

In legal news,

‘He’s not the boss of me’: You can call Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. a lot of things, but don’t call him Justice John Paul Stevens’ boss. (Sun Gazette)

Release blasted: FBI director Robert Mueller blasted Scotland’s top justice minister for the decision to release the man convicted in the Lockerbie Pan Am plane bombing. (AP)

Top Clerks: Wondering who the young legal whizzes behind the justices will be this term? Meet the Supreme Court clerks for the October 2009 term. (Above the Law)

SCOTUS age bias ruling even broader? Does the Supreme Court’s age discrimination decision in Gross v. FBL Financial Services also apply to labor law claims? According to a federal court in D.C. it does. (BLT Blog)

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