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Friday morning docket: No cure for the summertime blues

It was a relatively quiet week in Washington while lawmakers continue to spend summer recess in their home districts, mostly discussing the health care bill at town hall meetings, sometimes quite animatedly. Meanwhile President Obama insists a health care reform bill will be passed one way or another.

In legal news:

Try, try again: Harriet Miers, former White House counsel who was also briefly a nominee for the Supreme Court in 2005, is now petitioning the Court to hear a case she’s handling. (WSJ Law Blog)

FDA launches tobacco regulatory unit: The Food and Drug Administration has launched its new Center for Tobacco Products, the first move in implementing the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act signed by President Obama in June 2009. (Lawyers USA)

E-FDA: New rules proposed by the FDA would amend postmarket safety reporting regulations to require drug and device manufacturers to submit adverse event reports electronically. (Lawyers USA)

Bankruptcy filings up: The number of bankruptcy cases filed in fiscal 2009 jumped 35 percent over the year before, according to data released by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. (Lawyers USA)

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