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Chief Justice: Don’t look to SCOTUS to set school rules

Just because the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that school administrators cannot constitutionally strip down a student in search of Advil doesn’t mean the justices are making school policy, said the nation’s Chief Justice.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., speaking at a judicial conference over the weekend, said that the Court’s ruling in Safford Unified School District #1 v. Redding doesn’t mean that the Supreme Court is in the business of setting school rules.

“You can’t expect to get a whole list of regulations from the Supreme Court. That would be bad,” Roberts told the audience in West Virginia. “We wouldn’t do a good job at it.”

Roberts also said that although all of the current justices are former federal appellate judges, that doesn’t mean they don’t bring a diversity of experiences.

“I consider myself a practicing lawyer,” Roberts said according to the AP. “We’re also a pretty diverse bunch.”

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