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Conservative group launches SCOTUS offensive

Conservative groups have vowed not to sit quietly during the confirmation process of President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, whomever it may be. But one group isn’t even waiting for the official nomination to start a media campaign against the nominee.

The Judicial Confirmation Network has launched a series of internet ads taking aim at three potential nominees on Obama’s short list: Solicitor General Elena Kagan and Circuit Court Judges Sonia Sotomayor and Diane Wood. And the group pulls no punches, hitting on hot-button confirmation issues such as abortion rights, religious expression, racial bias and the military.

The video of Wood criticizes her rulings involving abortion protesters and a Christian student group seeking to hold a prayer meeting at a law school: “The First Amendment allows Nazis to march in Skokie, Ill., but apparently in Diane Wood’s court opponents of abortion and students who share religious faith get less protection for their expression.”

The video on Sotomayor cites her ruling in a racial discrimination case involving results of a New Haven civil service test for firefighters by saying: “Every American understands the sacrifices firefighters make. But in Sotomayor’s court, the content of your character is not as important as the color of your skin.”

Here is the Kagan video. All the videos can be seen on the group’s website.

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