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Friday morning docket: Rove in the hot seat

Today federal prosecutors will interview former White House advisor Karl Rove as part of an investigation into the firings of nine U.S. attorneys during the Bush administration. The criminal probe is aimed at determining if the firings were politically motivated.

The interview may shed light on the role Rove actually played in the firings, which occurred during former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ tenure, and was a factor leading to his resignation. Next month Rove is also scheduled to testify before lawmakers on Capitol Hill on the matter. More here from The Washington Post.


Big Supreme rulings ahead: Although lately the retirement and upcoming replacement of Justice David Souter has dominated Supreme Court chatter, there are still more than a few newsworthy cases that have yet to be decided. (Lawyers USA)

Eye on Obama tax: In a tough economy, owners of small businesses – including law firms and solo practices – are keeping a close eye on their bottom lines. And now they are paying extra attention to the potential impact a tax increase in President Barack Obama’s budget plan could have on their ability to grow their firms. (Lawyers USA)

Talking medical devices: At a hearing on a bill that would overturn a Supreme Court ruling that allows patients to sue the makers of certain medical devices, lawmakers heard testimony from patients, professors and medical professionals. And the House committee members took aim at each other. (Lawyers USA)

Nominee central: The obligatory roundup of on the latest chatter on who will replace Souter. (ABA Journal)

Defense is pricey: New financial disclosures show that former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens spent at least $1 million on legal bills defending himself against charges that he failed to report gifts as required. (AP)

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