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Obama and Holder: The Audacity of Hoops

Eric Holder has held the position of attorney general for almost two months now, but today President Barack Obama ceremonially swore Holder in to the post during an event at George Washington University.

Obama used the occasion, picked up live by various news broadcasts, to praise Holder’s skill and judgment.

obamaholder51But, making the point that Holder is an independent thinker, Obama also pointed out that Holder has publicly discussed whether the commander-in-chief has got game.

“He even had the audacity to discuss my basketball skills,” Obama said as the crowd laughed this morning. The president was referring, or course, to Holder’s Senate confirmation hearing in January, when he was asked whether he could beat the president at hoops. Holder said he has a “New York City game,” and that he “could hang with him” on the court, but declined to say that he’d beat the president. See the video here on DC Dicta.

Obama today said he would choose “not to comment” on Holder’s baller prowess.

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