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Friday morning docket: Mad about Madoff lawsuits

scrooge-duckAs the holidays approach, many lawyers are focused on a particular piece of “bah, humbug!”: the Ponzi scam perpetrated by securities Scrooge Bernard Madoff. Holland & Knight jumped out this week with the formation of a specialized Madoff practice group “to assist clients with strategies concerning any losses sustained as a result of involvement with Bernard Madoff’s controlled entities,” according to the firm. And they aren’t the only lawyers busy over this matter – the lawsuits have already started flying.


To the rescue: The White House will announce a plan to help U.S. automakers as soon as this morning, CNN is reporting. That plan could include low-interest loans or even bankruptcy, according to other news outlets.

Nixon source passes: Watergate über-tipster “Deep Throat” has died. (AP)

Dear FDA: Medical device maker Medtronic Inc. plans to notify the Food and Drug Administration about a California woman’s death, which was allegedly caused by its Infuse Bone Graft. (Lawyers USA)

From pink slip to plaintiff: As the recession deepens and layoffs mount, attorneys representing both former employees and management report a surge in layoff-related legal activity. (Lawyers USA)

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