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Supremes take a pass on Obama challenge

supremesThis morning the U.S. Supreme Court without comment declined to take up a case challenging the citizenship of President-elect Barack Obama.

The court declined to take up a host of cases including Donofrio v. Wells, a case that had been the subject of much chatter on political blogs in recent days after Justice David Souter denied injunctive action in the obama6case, and Justice Clarence Thomas placed the case on the list of items considered by the Court at its conference Friday. Most news organizations noted that this case, like most before the Court, had little chance of being granted cert by the high court.

The case is one of several lawsuits launched challenging Obama’s citizenship – most claim that since Obama’s father was born in Kenya and was therefore a British subject, Obama was not a “natural born” citizen. More here from The Washington Post.

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  1. The Supreme Court filing (application, brief etc.) in the Connecticut Wrotnowski case is soooooo much better than that in the New Jersey Donofrio case (apparently hurredly written before the Nov 4 election) that I don’t think Team Obama should get too comfortable with the Court’s denial of the first case since the second case IS distributed for Dec 12 conference. How the heck can anyone effectively counter this (great work Leo):


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