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Monday status conference: Pre-turkey roasting edition

The holiday-shortened week will still be a busy one in Washington as the Supreme Court meets tomorrow to decide what new cases to add it its docket, and President-elect Obama unveils his economic team today. Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said a massive stimulus package could be coming out of Congress.


Back to work: Attorney General Michael Mukasey is feeling well and was back at work this weekend after a scary fainting spell Thursday night. (WaPo)

I beg your pardon: President Bush’s office has been flooded with pardon requests as his term nears an end, but few of those clemency seekers are likely to be set free. (Houston Chronicle)

No paper trail: You still think a big part of being a lawyer is the regular trips chiropractor’s office to deal with the aches and pains of hauling around heavy litigation bags? Think again – lawyers are going paperless. (Lawyers USA)

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