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And the winner is…

We finally know who is arguing Carcieri v. Kempthorne before the Supreme Court Monday: Ted Olson.

Although 53 percent of DC Dicta readers thought that Joseph S. Larisa Jr., the attorney who has argued the case in the lower court, should argue the Indian land case according to our extremely unscientific poll, the Supreme Court veteran won out.

The squabble over who would argue the case, explained here in an earlier post, literally came down to the final hour. Supreme Court Clerk William K. Suter called the lawyers at 11 a.m. today and gave them a choice: either decide who is arguing or forfeit oral argument, SCOTUSBlog reports. Larisa agreed to allow Olson the honors in exchange for being seated as co-counsel at the table with Olson. And hus ended what The Wall Street Journal‘s Law Blog dubbed “The Great High Court Showdown of 2008.”

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