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Monday status conference: The E-Discovery channel

Today a brand new issue of Lawyers USA hits the stands. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

Taking E-discovery in their own hands: E-discovery Clients are increasingly taking control of either part or all of their electronic discovery obligations when they are involved in litigation. The trend – a shift from the days of complete reliance upon an outside vendor or upon teams of law firm associates poring over documents – can be attributed to a desire to cut costs as well as improved technology. (Lawyers USA)

Another e-discovery lesson: Show your work: While Qualcomm v. Broadcom has generated its fair share of commentary, lawyers should also be paying close attention to another 2008 case. (Lawyers USA)

Smoke gets thicker: A new twist in the 14-year long Florida tobacco litigation will make it more time-consuming and expensive for plaintiffs in individual trials against cigarette makers to prove their cases. A federal judge has essentially erased the jury findings of a year-long state trial in 1999 that established causation and liability against a number of cigarette makers. (Lawyers USA)

Supreme season opening:  The U.S. Supreme Court’s docket for the October 2008 term is far from complete, but already a number of highly-anticipated cases are set to be argued and decided. The cases deal with a number of topics of interest to practicing attorneys, including federal preemption, employment law, criminal procedure, sentencing and punitive damages. (Lawyers USA)

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  1. Knowing e-discovery is inevitable, I argue an enterprise can use technology proactively to make its e-records more benign. It can broadcast intent to be lawful and a request that adversaries come forward as early as possible. What do you think? –Ben

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