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Friday morning docket: The privileged edition

As the nation’s presidential focus shifts from Sen. Barack Obama to Sen. John McCain, back in Washington, federal officials are focusing again on the attorney-client privilege:

The Department of Justice said yesterday that waiver of the attorney-client privilege is officially off the table during corporate prosecution negotiations. (CNN).

A congressional report found that 2.5 million federal employees in 17 agencies and the Postal Service were absent from work without leave on at least one occasion. (WaPo)

After a judge refused to delay an order compelling former White House counsel Harriet Miers to testify before Congress, President George W. Bush plans to take his case that White House aides are protected by the executive privilege to a federal appeals court. (AP)

Patients – and lawsuits – are linking smoking-cessation prescription medication Chantix to serious psychiatric symptoms, including erratic behavior and suicidal thoughts. (Lawyers USA)

A government safety group is warning parents not to use a Pennsylvania company’s baby bassinets after two babies were trapped and strangled in the product. (AP)

A former congressman who played a major role in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton has been named to Florida’s highest court. (NYT).

Moot Court competitors at the University of Florida Levin College of Law will have a tough judge in the fall: Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. (NLJ)

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