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Monday status conference: Conventional games edition

The Olympics are done, but the games are just beginning for the Democrats as they officially unveil their Double J.D. presidential ticket (Obama, Harvard ’91; Biden, Syracuse ’68 ) in Denver this week.

There is also a new issue of Lawyers USA out today, and here are some of the highlights:

Not settling for less: Plaintiffs’ lawyers who feel their clients have more incentive to go to trial than settle are in for a rude awakening. A new study has found that a majority of plaintiffs who reject a settlement offer and proceed to trial are awarded less money than if they had taken the initial offer. See the full story today for free.

Surfing the Web for lawsuits? The founder of a new legal matching website called WhoCanISue.com is touting it as a revolutionary development that eliminates common pitfalls of attorney-client pairing services. But critics charge that the provocatively named venture is giving the legal profession a bad name. See the full story today for free.

Bankruptcy boom: The foreclosure crisis is fueling an increase in bankruptcy litigation over a variety of issues between lenders and homeowners. Residential foreclosures rose 55 percent just in the last year, with an estimated 1 million foreclosures by the end of the year. Subscribers click here for more.

Being picky can stave off malpractice suits: Experts say one of the best ways to reduce your malpractice risk is to know how to identify client who are likely to become disgruntled. The next step is to resist the temptation, even more powerful in a down economy, to take them anyway. Subscribers click here for more.

Meanwhile in other news:

Double run: Sen. Joe Biden isn’t just running for vice president, he’s running for reelection to the Senate. (AP)

Court says S-O is OK: An appeals court upheld the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, dismissing arguments that the government’s attempt to protect investors from repeats of the scandals at Enron and WorldCom gave federal overseers unchecked power. (WaPo)

Not just about document searches anymore: Life of a summer associate includes trapeze lessons, karaoke, rock climbing and laser tag. (ABA Journal)

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