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DC v. Heller, Part II

If you thought that being on the winning side of a landmark Supreme Court case and then receiving a commemorative engraved revolver in honor of the achievement would satisfy Dick Heller, you were wrong.

Heller yesterday launched yet another challenge to the District of Columbia’s gun laws, just weeks after the high court agreed with his claim that the District’s handgun ban was unconstitutional and struck it down.

The District has since rejiggered its gun laws, allowing residents to own registered revolvers, but keeping a ban of machine gun weapons. Heller filed a lawsuit yesterday in federal court challenging that regulation, contending that it is too broad because it covers semiautomatic handguns as well.

“D.C. has stuck to its position that semi-automatic guns are machine guns,” Lead attorney Stephen P. Halbrook told the Washington Times. “It’s a crazy definition of machine gun.”

The lawsuit also challenges the law’s requirement that guns be kept locked in the home, saying that it impairs residents’ ability to use the weapons in self-defense.

“Under the D.C. [law], a robber has to make an appointment with you so you can get your gun ready for him,” Holbrook told the Washington Post.

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