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Monday status conference

Another issue of Lawyers USA is fresh off the presses, and here’s a look at what is inside (subscribers can click the links for more):

Taking mediation to the bank(ruptcy court): Long associated with family law disputes, mediation programs were slow to catch on in complex business litigation. But that’s changing, particularly in bankruptcy courts where two thirds of the nation’s 90 courts now run mediation programs. More here.
Take two aspirins – and open a credit card? Many doctors and dentists are marketing medical credit cards to their patients, and consumer lawyers say they are a new wave of predatory lending. More here.

Me write pretty one day: More law firms are helping summer and first-year associates master their firms’ writing style, with veteran attorneys acting as personal writing coaches. The coaches read and review associates’ written assignments, and offer individualized criticism. More here.

In other news:

The housing bill awaits the president’s signature. (NYT)

Congressional investigators say it takes the FDA way too long to make pharmaceutical companies peddling prescription medications for an unapproved use to stop. (AP).

Proposed revisions to the regulations implementing the Americans With Disabilities Act were published in the Federal Register last month by the Department of Justice, giving both the businesses required to comply with the standards and advocates for those protected by them cause for concern. (AP via ABA Journal).

“Lawyers generally are lousy writers,” said Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, almost spitting out the words Friday at a Kennedy Center CLE lecture based on his recent book. (AP)

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