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Friday morning docket: Let’s get physical

Capitol Hill turned into a big aerobics class yesterday when Richard Simmons, who testified before lawmakers about the need for more phys education programs in schools, exchanged his suit for red, while and blue sparkly workout short-shorts and proceeded to sweat to the oldies with congressional staff. (Photo by David Gerard) Meanwhile:

A lawmaker is promising to introduce a bill that would block an effort by the Labor Department to make it tougher to limit workers’ exposure to chemicals on the job. (WaPo)

Senate Democrats warned Attorney General Michael Mukasey not to let any political appointees slip their way into permanent posts at the Justice Department. (WaPo)

The housing bill continues to move closer to passage, but some say it won’t cure all the nation’s mortgage ills. (Arizona Republic). Meanwhile foreclosures continue to rise. (Reuters)

House lawmakers scolded federal regulators Thursday for failing to implement recommendations made in 2001 that were designed to keep medically unfit commercial truck and bus drivers off the nation’s highways. (AP)

Lawmakers on Thursday questioned the legality and effectiveness of the government’s tactics in a May raid that led to the arrest of nearly 400 immigrants. (AP)

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