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Monday status conference: The sizzle and the fizzle

The heat index in the nation’s capital continues to hover in the triple digits. But as DC sizzles, the economy continues to fizzle, experts say:

Economists who once predicted an economic rebound in the year’s second-half are changing their tune, now saying that things are not looking up according to a new poll. (AP)
“I think it’s going to be months that we’re working our way through this period – clearly months,” said Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson of the nation’s tough economic times. (CNNMoney)

Some criminal defense lawyers say the recent Supreme Court decision striking down DC’s handgun ban means federal laws designed to keep guns out of the hands of people convicted of felonies and crimes of domestic violence are unconstitutional as long as the weapons are needed for self-defense. (AP)

The top deputy to the chief of a government watchdog agency has resigned and accused his boss of putting “political agendas and personal vendettas” ahead of his mission. (ABA Journal)

Critics say growing crackdown on firms that hire illegal workers is hampered by ineffective laws. (WaPo).

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is pushing for about $50 billion in a second election-year economic stimulus package being shaped by Democrats in Congress. (Reuters)

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