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Monday status conference: The Supremes, one week only

DC Dicta can say with certainty that the Supreme Court decisions dealing with Washington, D.C.’s gun ban, the death penalty for child rape, and an accused murderer’s confrontation clause rights will be handed down this week – because this is the last week for opinions this term. Whether they will be handed down today – well, that’s another matter. But we will brief you on today’s Supreme Court decisions later this morning.


The Washington Post reports that the White House officials ignored the legal advice they received warning that courts may not see the Guantanamo Bay situation the way they do. (WaPo)

The White House is again invoking executive privilege – this time in its refusal to provide documents related to its greenhouse gas emissions policy, and lawmakers are considering how to respond. (WaPo)

Meanwhile, the executive privilege argument involving the sought testimony of two white house officials will soon be tested in court. (AP)

The use of trademarks sold as “keywords” by Google and other search engines to trigger “sponsored links” on the side of a search page continues to be a hot button issue for any business with a website – including law firms. (Lawyers USA)

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