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Court ponders constitutionality of death penalty for child rape

Wednesday the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on whether the death penalty can be used for a non-homicide offense – namely child rape – or whether such a punishment constitutes unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment in Kennedy v. Louisiana. I’ll bring you the highlights from the arguments on this blog and on the web edition of Lawyers USA.

Meanwhile, ABC News has a preview of the case here.

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  1. If you rape a child then you should be punished severely or given the death penalty. This unthinkable crime against children is way out of hand because the punishment is so mild. Some argue that the death penalty is over the top because the child still lives..!! I guess those that have that opinion have never been victimns of rape either as an adult or child. Maybe if you became a victimn you would see that yes, you breath and go through the motions of life but for a very long time or often until the day you die, you or part of you has died and is dead. Often the thought of dying is more comforting than having to face each day with the suffering you have had to endure due to one persons actions. If this were your child neice, nephew, brother, sister or mother would you look at it so lightly. Rapists and peadophiles need to be STOPPED, PUT AWAY FOR LIFE or given DEATH.

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