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Resigned DOJ guy quietly assumes the helm

Alberto Gonzales is out, the guy next in line – Solicitor General Paul Clement – is pretty busy arguing on the government’s behalf before the Supreme Court, and President Bush’s nominee, Michael Mukasey, still has to be confirmed. So who is minding the store over at Justice?

 Meet Peter Keisler, the former chief of the Justice Department’s Civil Division. Soon after he quit Justice to spend more time with his family, Bush tapped him to be interim chief of the entire department. The Associated Press has more.

Keisler won’t exactly fade into the sunset if Mukasey is confirmed, which is likely. Keisler has been nominated by the president to the D.C. Circuit, though it is unclear what his confirmation chances are.

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  1. ultimate laywer dude

    looks like we got another gonzales on our hands

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