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Hidden dangers that could lead to malpractice

There are a number of all-too-well-known malpractice and grievance traps at a law firm: conflicts of interest, missed deadlines, lack of competency, confidentiality/fiduciary breaches, clerical errors, failure to document adequately and poor client relations. But other, hidden dangers could be ...

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The power of plus

For a long time now, the ampersand has served as the go-to symbol for linking a law firm’s name partners, but that time-honored standby is being usurped by what some say is a hipper icon.

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We’ve learned lessons from the recession, right?

Before 2008, the world of the law was a wonderful place. Many large and even mid-sized law firms went their own merry ways, happily assuming that high associate salaries and partner draws, rising rates and the occasional leveraged merger with ...

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Trucking firm to pay $5M for fatal crash

A Dallas-based trucking company has agreed to pay $5 million to the widow and four children of Leroy Corbin, who was killed when a tractor trailer plowed into his car on an interstate outside Hagerstown, Md., early last year.

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Bringing ‘mind-mapping’ into the courtroom

Toss the term “mind-mapping” into conversation and you’ll likely draw sideways glances. It sounds like something that would happen aboard alien spacecraft, and, in raw form, it looks like the doodles of a bored college student. But Columbia, S.C.-based consumer ...

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